Hunter x Hunter Teases Its Manga Comeback in New Promo

It has been more than three years since Hunter x Hunter put out new content, but that streak will be broken before long. Earlier this year, the series' creator stunned fans by announcing their return to work on Twitter, and work on the Dark Continent arc has been moving ever since. Now, we're just a week out from Hunter x Hunter returning, and a new promo is here teasing he big comeback.

The promo was included in the most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump as the magazine confirmed Hunter x Hunter will return next week. It was there fans got a peek at Kurapika, and the key art's caption can be read below:

"Behind the succession battle, a mafia war is raging! What can be done in a ship where a strange atmosphere is stirring? A chaotic and deadly voyage!"

The Hiatus So Far

As you can imagine, fans are eager to reunite with Hunter x Hunter, and we have its Dark Continent arc to thank. The manga went on its latest hiatus during a high point in the arc, and it has a number of lives on the line. So at last, fans will get some answers as the series' longest hiatus yet is ending shortly.

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Of course, there is nothing short about Hunter x Hunter and its ongoing hiatus. The story released its last chapter in November 2018, so Togashi's story has been on hiatus for nearly four years. This break marks the longest amount of time Hunter x Hunter has been out of print, but it has experienced nearly a dozen hiatuses overall.

Hunter x Hunter Debriefed

Want to know more about Hunter x Hunter ahead of its big comeback? You can catch up on the manga right now thanks to the Shonen Jump app if you don't feel like splurging on digital volumes. And for those needing extra details on the series, you can read its official synopsis below:

"Gon might be a country boy, but he has high aspirations. Despite his Aunt Mito's protests, Gon decides to follow in his father's footsteps and become a legendary Hunter. The Hunter hopefuls begin their journey by storm-tossed ship, where Gon meets Leorio and Kurapika, the only other applicants who aren't devastated by bouts of seasickness. Having survived the terrors of the high seas, Gon and his companions now have to prove their worth in a variety of tests in order to find the elusive Exam Hall. And once they get there, will they ever leave alive...?"

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