Hunter x Hunter Assistant Confirms New Details for the Manga's Return

Hunter x Hunter is getting ready to come back from the longest hiatus in the manga to date, and one of the assistants working with series creator Yoshihiro Togashi has cleared up some important details about the series' big return. The Hunter x Hunter fandom was woken up from a long sleep recently when series creator Yoshiro Togashi suddenly popped up with his own Twitter account and teased that a few chapters of the series had been completed. With the manga on hiatus from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since 2018, it's huge enough news to get fans wondering when the new chapters will actually hit.

The initial update from Togashi had teased that he had about "four chapters left" and this had fans curious about what this meant. But this also tied into Togashi's previously noted plans about how he was preparing to return with ten chapter waves in between each of the hiatus breaks. This was the case for the manga's last return back in 2018, and as one of the assistants confirmed on Twitter, Togashi is preparing to do that this time as well as he has completed six out of his ten planned new chapters so far. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Togashi's major update on Twitter revealed that he had four chapters left to go in his newest wave of ten chapter releases for its next major return from hiatus. The creator even shared the first look at how these new chapters are shaping up, and it's already sparked a lot of discussion as to what fans can expect to see from the return as the manga will be diving people right back into the thick of the Succession Contest arc. Given this arc has really only begun, there's no real way to gauge what could be coming in this return. 

But the series coming back from its longest hiatus ever is just exciting enough on its own as fans have been waiting for quite a long time without any credible updates. In fact Shonen Jump magazine itself has changed in a number of notable ways since Hunter x Hunter was a part of it. There have been many different series that have started and ended in that time, and many of the series that were around back with its last release just aren't there anymore. 

With Hunter x Hunter getting ready to return for ten new chapters, but what do you think? What are you hoping to see from the manga's next major comeback? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!