Report: 'Hunter x Hunter' To Resume In 2018

If you have been waiting for a Hunter x Hunter update, then it looks like one is on its way. Over [...]

If you have been waiting for a Hunter x Hunter update, then it looks like one is on its way. Over on Twitter, a new report has surfaced about the manga, and it says Yoshihiro Togashi will get back to the series very soon.

Thanks to Yonkou Productions, fans of Hunter x Hunter have gotten a heads up about the manga. The shonen insider took to Twitter to reveal the manga will return in Shonen Jump Issue 9 of 2018. In the past, Yonkou Production has proven itself to be a reliable source of early reports, and Shueisha's next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump is known to leak ahead of time. For now, fans will have to wait for an official confirmation later this week, but the Internet is taking this new report to heart.

Fans were told earlier this year that Hunter x Hunter would not be on an extended hiatus like it has been before. Back in September, Weekly Shonen Jump told fans in its 40th issue that Togashi would resume work on the manga before the year's end. Readers were not sure if that meant Hunter x Hunter would return to print before the New Years, but it seems as if the manga will debut new chapters just after the holiday. If the math all works out, Hunter x Hunter could return by late-January. As long as there are no hiccups, fans can expect a new chapter on January 29.

In the past, Hunter x Hunter fans grew used to the manga being on hiatus. Hunter x Hunter went on its first hiatus back in August 2014 and was kept shelves until April 2016. The manga stayed around for a couple of months before Togashi entered a new hiatus. The second break ended earlier this June, but it went back on hiatus at the end of August.

If you are not familiar with Hunter x Hunter, then you can definitely get acquainted. The shonen series is one filled with hijinks and thrilling action since it follows a young boy named Gon Freecs who dreams of becoming a Hunter. Determined to pass the challenging Hunter Examination, Gon and his comrades begin their journey to become revered Hunters and cause a ruckus along the way.