'Hunter x Hunter' Leak Welcomes [SPOILER] To The Phantom Troupe

Hunter x Hunter knows how to make a big comeback. Earlier this year, the series had a manga comeback after it went on an extended hiatus. Nowadays, the series is back in action, and it seems the Phantom Troupe is benefitting big time.

After all, it looks like the gang just added a surprising member. So, spoilers below!

Over on social media, manga readers have flocked to see the latest batch of shonen leaks. Magazines like Weekly Shonen Jump will return this week with new issues, and Hunter x Hunter will be included in the release. Spoilers pertaining to chapter 377 went live on sites like Reddit, and one still from the manga proved a new addition to the Phantom Troupe is real.

Fans, it is time to welcome Illumi Zoldyck to the gang.

Yes, a picture taken from the upcoming Hunter x Hunter chapter shows Illumi with the Phantom Troupe. The long-haired assassin near Chrollo as the big gang gathers. There is no word on why the troupe has assembled, but fans want to know what brought Illumi to the team.

Right now, fans are speculating the decision has to do with Hisoka. The clown is a former of the Phantom Troupe, and he has a complicated history with Illumi. At times, the two seem to be friends as Illumi helped Hisoka find Chrollo sometime ago. However, things soured when Hisoka asked the assassin if he cared whether Killua died. Illumi turned into a sadistic rage, asking Hisoka if he wanted to die then and there for his suggestion. Since then, the relationship between Illumi and Hisoka has been strained, and fans would not be surprised if the Zoldyck heir joined the troupe to kill the clown.


For those unfamiliar with Hunter x Hunter, the series was originally created by Yoshihiro Togashi. The story follows a young boy named Gon Freecss, who discovers that his previously thought to be dead father is in fact alive. Not only is he alive, he is a famous Hunter, a professional traveler who specializes in finding rare treasures, exploring unidentified lands, and hunting down dangerous individuals. Gon then decides that in order to meet his father he has to become a licensed Hunter, but in that journey gets wrapped up in way more strangeness than he ever could have anticipated.

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