'Hunter x Hunter' Will Return Later This Year

Hunter X Hunter fans were thrilled earlier this year when they discovered that writer Yoshihiro Togashi's health had improved and that the series was returning. However, fans were once again crushed soon afterward, as Hunter X Hunter was once again on hiatus.

Although, Hunter X Hunter fans shouldn't be too hurt, as it was announced in this year's 40th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine that the hiatus won't last long. It was revealed in the same issue that Togashi will resume the manga by the end of the year, which Hunter X Hunter fans were delighted to see.

The manga was originally on hiatus for about a year and returned on June 26th this year. Prior to that, the manga has been on hiatus before, with fans now seeing this as normality for the series. Prior to the last hiatus, the series had a two-year break, stretching from 2014 to April 2016.

Despite Togashi stating the manga will return in 2017, some fans are still skeptical. This is largely because of the manga's two-year hiatus, which was meant to last a mere two weeks. Instead of lasting the fortnight is was meant to, Togashi's lower back problem continued and it was quite some time before the series returned. However, this year Hunter X Hunter fans should be happy, as Shuisha published the manga's 34th compiled book volume this year, which is one year after the 33rd volume was released.

(Photo: Madhouse)

If Togashi is true to his word, the series will resume later this year, however; there is no confirmed release date as of yet. For now, Hunter X Hunter fans do know when the manga will resume roughly, which is a good sign. Therefore, expect more Hunter X Hunter soon, as this hiatus is only temporary and shouldn't last anywhere near as long as the previous breaks.