Inuyasha Cosplay Shoots Straight With Kagome

Inuyasha as a series might have ended years ago, but fans were taken aback when creator Rumiko [...]

Inuyasha as a series might have ended years ago, but fans were taken aback when creator Rumiko Takahashi announced that the supernatural world would be returning via the sequel series of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, which introduced new characters as well as bringing back old ones. Aside from the titular Inuyasha making a handful of appearances, Kagome has also appeared from time to time and one Cosplayer has done their best at revisiting the earlier days of the girl who was dragged into the past from the modern era and eventually wound up having a daughter in Moroha.

Though Kagome and Inuyasha have appeared in the sequel series, it has predominantly been through flashback sequences, as the pair of lovers has been conspicuously absent from the life of their daughter Moroha, who tends to act far more like her father rather than her mother. Holding the unique demon powers of her father while also wielding a mean bow and arrow as her mother once had, it seems as if the red-clad demon hunter has followed in her parents' footsteps alongside her cousins in Toga and Setsuna. Though her parents might be absent, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if they are eventually reunited as the mystery of their predicament continues to unravel.

Instagram Cosplayer Kaezuko Cos shared this impressive take on the love of Inuyasha's life, who has become a popular fixture in the anime franchise since it first landed in 1996 and has continued to explore this mythical world throughout its sequel in Yashahime: Half-Demon Princess:

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon had an original order of twenty-four episodes, with the season finale only a few days away and most likely wrapping several mysteries that are still left in the series. Though we aren't sure if this will bring both Kagome and Inuyasha back to the current era to meet their daughter after being away for so much of her life, it will definitely be interesting to not only see how the first batch of episodes comes to a close, but also if more episodes of the series will be ordered based on its popularity.

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