Inuyasha Creator Explains Why Kagome Ultimately Chose the Feudal Era

When it comes to Inuyasha, no one knows the half-demon better than Kagome. The heroine may have gotten off on the wrong foot with the hanyo, but fans watched as the bond between the pair blossomed over the years. Now, its sequel Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is diving further into their relationship, but a little throwback fact has pulled fans back to the finale of Inuyasha.

The tidbit comes from a previous author's note that Rumiko Takahashi penned for Inuyasha. It was there the creator opened up about her final decision to bring Kagome back to the Feudal era before the anime ended. It was there Takahashi admitted she wasn't sure how to handle the finale, but the voice actress behind Kagome helped her figure things out.

Yashahime Princess Half-Demon Inuyasha Sequel Kagome
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"I was at a loss when it came to Kagome's decision so I asked Kagome's voice actress, Yukinno Katsuki, which would you pick," Takahashi wrote.

The voice actress did not hesitate when she said Kagome would want to be with Inuyasha. Takahashi agreed after she realized what kind of life Kagome would lead if she wasn't with Inuyasha.

"When I thought about it, Kagome could never forget Inuyasha and if she chose the Modern Era, she would probably live as though half her soul had been taken away and that seemed cruel. Rather than [in] the Feudal area, I would say 'with Inuyasha' was the best way for Kagome to live."

Clearly, Takahashi has an understanding of how Kagome feels, and she is spot on. The heroine had ample time to chose living in the modern age, but her desire to be with Inuyasha overrides everything. The finale did well to bring Kagome back to her soulmate, so fans can thank her voice actress for encouraging Takahashi the ending.


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