JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The JOJOLands Features First Trans Joestar, Dragona

The JOJOLands has arrived, functioning as the ninth major storyline to arrive from creator Hirohiko Araki as he continues JoJo's Bizarre Adventure decades following its debut with the storyline known as Phantom Blood. While there have been quite a few Joestars introduced over the course of the anime franchise, with some being introduced in different realities, the latest arc has introduced the first trans-Joestar as Dragona, the brother of Jodio, has hit the ground floor running and has quite the Stand power to rely on.

While there have been arcs in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's past that have seen multiple Joestars take part in a storyline, including Stardust Crusaders, Diamond Is Unbreakable, and Stone Ocean to name a few, the JOJOLands is the first arc that features two siblings that will be sharing the duty of protagonists for this tropical story. Dragona is an eighteen-year-old high schooler who works alongside Jodio to make sure that their mother, Barbara Ann Joestar, is well taken care of. Rather than taking an honest route to do this, the pair of brothers instead rely on a life of crime to make sure that they get enough money to take care of their mother.

Dragona & Smooth Operator

Here's how Jodio describes his brother in the first chapter of this new manga series from Hirohiko Araki:

"My bro's name is Dragona Joestar. He's 18. He wakes up every morning and goes jogging on the beach without fail. All he eats at breakfast is watermelon. 'I'll never push myself too hard but I'll never give up either." That's a pet saying of his. Says he heard it from his Indian Yoga instructor. He loves girly fashion and he works at a boutique in Kalihi called Iko Iko. His chest is a bit big because he gets cosmetic injections, although I've never seen him getting them." 

Dragona's Stand is one of the wildest that we've seen in the series to date, as Smooth Operator is actually a collection of tiny creatures that are able to move anything, it would seem, along a surface. This was able to help Dragona change their license plate following a terrible interaction with the police as well as move the eyes of the cop that was causing them some serious problems. 

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