JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Amusement Pop Up Deals With COVID In Final Days

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure turned a lot of fans' heads when it was announced earlier this year that [...]

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure turned a lot of fans' heads when it was announced earlier this year that Part Six, Stone Ocean, would be receiving an anime adaptation in the future, but some bad news has come the anime franchise's way as the amusement "pop-up", Jojo World" has been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. In an official statement released by the pop-up, it seems as if the extension of the Joestar clan in the real world is letting fans know that COVID-19 has worked its way to the area surrounding the event that is planned throughout this year.

Currently, the plan for JoJo World is that the first installment, which is currently operational at Yokohama World Porters in Japan, and gives fans of Hirohiko Araki's strange franchise an opportunity to not only purchase new merchandise from the series but also partake in Joestar related food and play games that are modeled after the series that made Stands a household name among the anime community. Though the first installation is set to close its doors on May 9th, there will be two subsequent openings for the unique pop-ups that will continue to allow JoJo fans to visit the amusement centers throughout the summer of 2021, with the exhibits shuddering their doors completely this September.

The Official Twitter Account for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure shared the news that fans visiting the Pop-Up should express caution in the final days of the first exhibit for JoJo World, with adjacent stores apparently having proof positive of citizens who have contracted COVID-19:

Fans have yet to be given a release date as to when we can expect Jolyne Cujoh to hit the world of anime, but Joestar devotees are on the edge of their seats for when Stone Free will be animated.

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