JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Announces New Theme Park

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans are waiting on the edge of their seats for the upcoming event, [...]

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans are waiting on the edge of their seats for the upcoming event, "Joestar The Inherited Soul" which many believe will finally confirm the sixth season of the anime from David Production and it seems as if the franchise created by Hirohiko Araki will be opening its own "pop-up" theme park to celebrate. Opening this March, the theme park will allow fans to buy merchandise from the franchise and will also have a number of attractions that will let audiences following the adventures of the Joestars feel that much more connected to the world of Stand battles.

The attractions, which will be mostly mini-games, will include the "Memetaa! Hamon Roulette, Ancient Roman Chariot Death Match Ball Lottery, Joestar One-Party World Tour, Let's Go To The Manga Creator's House, and Passione Haizoku Team Tekisei Shindan Test" to name a few. Each of these attractions will clearly harken back to different characters and events that have taken place over the course of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, though these all seem to relate to what audiences have seen in the anime so far, not diving into the anime worlds to come in Stone Ocean, Steelball Run, and JoJolion respectively. The "park" itself will arrive on March 5th of this year and only be opened for a limited time, closing its doors on May 9th.

JoJo Theme Park
(Photo: David Production)

Theme Parks are nothing new in the world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with the Stardust Crusader Polnareff, who met a gruesome fate of living his remaining days as a turtle in Golden Wind, expressing his interest in opening an amusement park of his own, unsurprisingly named "Polnareff Land". Shockingly enough, there is actually a campaign on Change.Org to make this idea a reality, and this upcoming pop-up theme park is one step closer to bringing this fictional world to the real one.

Anime at amusement parks is nothing new, with Universal Studios Japan having numerous attractions set up for One Piece, Attack On Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sailor Moon, and more over the years. In fact, Studio Ghibli is even looking to create a park of their own that is looking to open its doors in 2022. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure will be in good company beginning next month.

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