JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Team Spills Details on Golden Wind's Wild Torture Scene

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's anime adaptation is currently telling the story of Jolyne Cujoh, the daughter of Jotaro who currently headlines the tale of the Stone Ocean while fighting for her life within a maximum-security prison. With each part of the series exploring a new Joestar, an interview with the producers of the fifth part of the franchise, Golden Wind, took the opportunity to explore the infamous "torture dance" and how the producers couldn't believe their eyes when they witnessed the segment for the first time. 

In a recently unearthed interview, producers of the Golden Wind, Hiroyuki Omori and Takamitsu Sueyoshi, dove into further details about the torture dance that befell the unfortunate member of the Passione mob, with several of Giorno's allies taking the opportunity to gloat in one of the strangest scenes of the series to date:

Omori: "The idea of making the scene, was an idea from three directors: Tsuda-San, Takahashi-San, and Kimura-San. They wanted to make this scene a substantial one. At first, I was asked to create music, and then to create the animation. It's just like an approach you'd have for a music video. And, this is something that the audience would probably never suspect. We looked forward to seeing how the audience would react to it."

Sueyoshi: "When I heard that music was going to be created, I realized that there was so much energy that was going to go into this particular production. So yes, because of that, I expected a lot as well. When I saw the storyboard for the video itself, I seriously thought, "Are you serious with this? Are you going to go this far? When the video and images came out, my reaction, like "are you series?" That was the kind of reaction I wanted the audience to have as well, and that was also when I realized, "Oh wow, JoJo is the kind of work that would go this far."

Stone Ocean, the latest part of the series to receive an anime adaptation, might not have a torture scene of its own quite like Golden Wind, but expect plenty more wild moments when the series returns to Netflix. 

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Via Reddit