WWE Fans Find Hilarious Link To JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind

This year's WrestleMania saw the rapper Bad Bunny teaming up with superstar Damien Priest in a bid to put to bed the rivalry that they had with The Miz and Johnny Morrison, but it seems as if fans of the WWE have found a hilarious link between Priest and one of the most terrifying villains in the history of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Diavolo. With the franchise announcing that Part Six of the series, Stone Ocean, would be receiving an anime adaptation in the future, fans of the Hirohiko Araki franchise have plenty to look forward to with the world of the Joestars.

Diavolo, for those that might not be familiar, was the main villain of the fifth part of the popular anime franchise of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, who was the head of the Passione Mafia. With the protagonist, Giorno Giovanna, attempting to overtake the mob in order to lead it onto a more virtuous path. Diavolo himself had one of the most powerful Stands in the world of the Joestars with King Crimson, which had the mysterious ability to freeze time and make changes depending on Diavolo's desires. Luckily for the son of Dio Brando, he was eventually able to defeat Diavolo and take over Passione, bringing to a close the chapter of the Golden Wind.

Twitter User Maffew Gregg shared this hilarious comparison that makes it seem as if Damien Priest has been torn straight from the pages of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, by taking on the appearance of one of the biggest villains in the anime franchise created by Hirohiko Araki:

Diavolo wasn't simply defeated, he was trapped in an endless spiral of death thanks to the power of Golden Wind Requiem. Witnessing his own death over and over, it's fairly clear that we won't be seeing the former head of the Passione mafia return any time soon if ever. While Diavolo might be out of the picture, the next chapter of the anime will introduce us to some of the most terrifying and strange Stand users that the franchise has to offer.

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