JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Event Focuses On Golden Wind Before Stone Ocean's Release

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure shocked many fans earlier this year when it was revealed that an anime [...]

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure shocked many fans earlier this year when it was revealed that an anime adaptation was in the works for the anime franchise's sixth part, Stone Ocean, and it seems as if an upcoming event taking place this summer will be focusing on the adventures of the Golden Wind right before Jolyne Cujoh becomes the new protagonist. The event, which will take place on June 11th and run until the end of next month, will run under the title of "JoJo's New Departure" and fans are now wondering if this event might give us a release date for the Stone Ocean.

The world of the Golden Wind took place in the country of Italy, with the story focusing on the son of Dio Brando, Giorno Giovanna, who was attempting to take over the criminal organization known as Passione and lead the mobsters toward a far more altruistic future. Joined by his Stand, Gold Experience, Giorno is also joined by the likes of Bruno Bucciarati and a crew of Stand Users that are also attempting to create a new path for the mafia of Italy. Unfortunately, they had to struggle with the current leader of the mob in Diavolo and his insane Stand known as King Crimson.

Twitter User Sticker Tricker shared the translated details for the summer event that will give fans fifty new figures, life size art panels, and much more from Hirohiko Araki's anime franchise, leaving many fans wondering if "JoJo's New Departure" will also give us the release date for Stone Ocean's anime:

Recently, the latest story arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, JoJolion, celebrated its tenth anniversary in the pages of its manga, but fans of the Joestars will have to wait sometime to see this storyline hit the small screen. With this event and the news of Stone Ocean's anime adaptation, 2021 has been a big year for the franchise that made Stands a household name in the world of anime.

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