Yu Yu Hakusho Ascends With This Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Transformation

When it comes to hit anime series, there are more out there than we can count. From shonen to shojo and beyond, the medium is too vast for even the best archivists to mark. Still, there are some global hits you cannot ignore, and that is why one fan decided it was time to bring Yu Yu Hakusho together with the Joestar crew.

Over on Instagram, the artist zzyzzyyart got the fandom going when their special crossover piece resurfaced. The art, which can be found below, sought to make the greatest crossover ever in the name of science. It imagines what might have been if Jojo's Bizarre Adventure had taken on the story of Yu Yu Hakusho, and it is perfect.

The artwork features Kuwabara, Okuyasu, and Knuckle. If this last name sounds strange to you, well - it doesn't originate in Yu Yu Hakusho. Knuckle came from creators Togashi Yoshihiro years later in his series Hunter x Hunter. The character is known for resembling Kuwabara before him, so this Jojo crossover fits great.

As you can see, this mash-up is pretty much perfect, and it gives several of Yoshihiro's characters time to shine. And even though Yusuke is missing in this crossover, you don't have to worry too much. The spirit detective is too campy to skip on a Jojo crossover, so you can breathe easy.

What do you think of this Jojo crossover? Do you think Yu Yu Hakusho fits Araki's style? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.