Jujutsu Kaisen Forces Maki Into Horrible Culling Game Reunion

Jujutsu Kaisen has kicked off a new phase of the fights within the Culling Game as after watching Kinjia Hakari, the latest chapters of the series have now shifted their focus to Maki Zenin as she's confronted by a very terrifying version of a familiar face from here past with the newest chapter of the series! The Culling Game put a cap on Hakari's fight with Hajime Kashimo in the previous chapter, and revealed that the series would then be moving onto Sakurajima Colony with Maki and Noritoshi Kamo as the main figures for this particular arc of the deadly tournament.

With Maki making her full return to the series with the Culling Game, there was a question as to what she could be getting into since it was revealed that her new abilities allow her to essentially break the rules on her own an enter and exit the colonies as she pleases. But it seems that her first major opponent for the tournament is going to be an unexpected one as she faces off against a speedy and powerful Cursed Spirit that turned out to be Naoya Zenin holding a grudge long after he was killed following his fight with Maki. 

When we had last seen Naoya in action, he was being stabbed in the back as part of the overall punishment for some of his more terrible personality traits over the years. Maki wasn't the one who delivered the final blow, but after seeing her taking out the rest of the Zenin Clan and blaming her for all of his problems, he wanted to essentially get to "her side" of the kind of powers that she had displayed. It seems like this burning hatred for her was enough to reincarnate him as a Cursed Spirit that surprisingly attacks her in Chapter 191 of the series. 

Chapter 191 sees a speedy and giant worm appear in front of Maki and Kamo, and she senses something else about it as soon as it makes contact with her. At that point, Naoya's face begins to emerge from the giant worm's mouth as it claims that he came to her "side" once more. Now it seems we'll see what it looks like when an already strong sorcerer makes the full transformation into a Cursed Spirit. And see whether or not Maki can actually handle it with her new powers. 

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