Jujutsu Kaisen Adds Surprising New Member to Yuji's Team

Jujutsu Kaisen is continuing through the intense Culling Game with its latest chapters, and the newest chapter of the series had added a major new ally to Yuji Itadori and the others' side for the rest of the tournament! The Culling Game has been spending the last few chapters within the Tokyo No. 2 Colony as Kinji Hakari has been in his first real full fight in the series overall against the deadly Hajime Kashimo. The previous chapter seemed to tease that their fight was going to end with one final blow, and the newest chapter of the series confirmed this to be the case.

The newest chapter of the series confirms that Hakari and Kashimo's fight had come to an end, but it was a much different ending than any fan could have expected. Unlike the bloody finales of Yuji or Yuta's fights in the Culling Game so far, the fight between the two of them essentially ended in a draw. Both of them had been able to survive the fight despite the two of them each going for a last gambit, and in that result were able to come to a new understanding. Now Kashimo will be working alongside Hakari and Panda in the Culling Game moving forward. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 190 of Jujutsu Kaisen reveals that after Kashimo had used his energy to change the chemical nature of the water and caused it to explode, Hakari had managed to escape with his life by sacrificing his arm to do so. This left Kashimo exhausted, but Hakari was still able to keep on fighting. It's here that Kashimo admits his loss, but Hakari also admits that he doesn't feel like he won either as Kashimo never used his own Cursed Technique. The two of them then bond in the resulting wake over the fact that Kashimo is really only interested in defeating Sukuna. 

It's here that Hakari makes a deal with him, and while we haven't seen what that deal is, Kashimo is now working with he and Panda while they try and make more points for their grand plan overall. It's revealed that this is all happening shortly after Yuji's fight with Higuruma, so the three of them now need to work even harder to make their plan work. But that all depends on Kashimo never actually meeting Yuji and finding out about Sukuna. 

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