Jujutsu Kaisen Makes Stunning Maki and Toji Connection

Jujutsu Kaisen made a stunning connection between Maki Zenin and Tojo Fushiguro with the newest [...]

Jujutsu Kaisen made a stunning connection between Maki Zenin and Tojo Fushiguro with the newest chapter of the series! When we had first been introduced to Toji during the Gojo's Past arc of the series, it was quickly revealed just how dangerous he really was. Not only did he have near superhuman strength and agility, Toji's knowledge of the Jujutsu Sorceror world due to his connections with the Zenin Family helped him become an efficient killer that even Satoru Gojo had trouble with. Now it looks like Maki Zenin is on that very same path.

The newest chapter of the series shook things up for Maki in some pretty devastating ways. Although she was nearly killed during the Shibuya Incident, her losses did not stop in the slightest with the upcoming Culling Game happening in the near future. The previous chapter of the series saw her try and fail to defeat her father, but it's a much different story as now Maki is looking a lot like Toji with the newest chapter.

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Chapter 149 of the series sees Mai save her sister by using her cursed technique to create a new sword for Maki at the cost of her own life. Due to the nature of cursed energy in general, it was like Maki and Mai were two sides of the same coin. With Mai's death, Maki evolved into a more complete form. As Maki then stands in front of her father, Ogi Zenin looks at her and can only see the deadly visage of Toji.

Toji was one of the most chaotic characters in the series overall, and even caused a ton of damage during the Shibuya Incident arc long after his original death. Like Maki, Toji had no cursed energy of his own but had a Heavenly Restriction that really helped close the gap. Maki's a bit different now as she now has access to cursed energy, and it seems that her future is going to look at lot like Toji's from here on out as she carves a dangerous path forward.

But what do you think of this connection between Maki and Toji? Will Maki become the powerful kind of fighter that Toji was? Is it possible for her to even surpass her cousin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!