Jujutsu Kaisen Shares First Look at Hakari's Secret Cursed Technique

Jujutsu Kaisen shared the first look at Kinji Hakari's secret Cursed Technique with the newest [...]

Jujutsu Kaisen shared the first look at Kinji Hakari's secret Cursed Technique with the newest chapter of Gege Akutami's original manga series! Megumi Fushiguro's preparations for Kenjaku's Culling Game continues with the newest chapter of the series, and the first major task is somehow getting Kinji Hakari to help them in the upcoming tournament as he's still the last powerful fighter lingering out there who was touted to fight on Satoru Gojo and Yuta Okkotsu's level. Megumi and Yuji Itadori found Hakari operating a secret fight club, and the previous cliffhanger saw Yuji called in for a meeting with the elusive fighter.

The previous chapter revealed that Hakari wanted to recruit Yuji for a job within his fight club, but the newest chapter of the series sees this quickly falls apart as Hikari finds out that Yuji is actually from Jujutsu Tech. Thinking that Yuji is there on behalf of the school, a fight soon breaks out and we get our first look at the seemingly powerful technique Hakari has at his disposal that has something to do with subway train doors.

When Hakari finds out through a signal from Kirara Hoshi that Yuji is actually from Jujutsu Tech in Chapter 155, he begins fighting Yuji immediately. We can see he's crafty, and his technique seems to trap his opponents between the two doors that appear out of thin air. Yuji is able to keep up with these tricks and break his way out of these door traps, but it's already clear that Hakari's techniques are likely a lot more evolved than the brief glimpse we see here.

It's been touted that Hikari is one of the strongest fighters in the series that Gojo himself felt like he could rely on in a rough situation, but making these doors appear doesn't immediately seem like that strong of a technique. As we have learned in the past, each technique has a hidden secret (that gets stronger when it's explained) and Hakari's technique in particular is one that series creator Akutami once mentioned was tough to integrate into the series properly.

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