Jujutsu Kaisen Goes Viral Over Nobara's Best Line Yet

Jujutsu Kaisen has wasted little time in opening up the world of Jujutsu Tech since the first [...]

Jujutsu Kaisen has wasted little time in opening up the world of Jujutsu Tech since the first episode of the anime saw Yuji Itadori inheriting the power and mind of the king of curses, Sukuna, and with the latest arc of the "Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event", Nobara had her moment to shine with an inspirational line! With the arc putting Yuji in danger as Jujutsu Tech's rival students were attempting to kill him to eliminate Sukuna, each of the young sorcerers had their own unique battles to wage as they attempted to save their classmate's life!

The sorcerers of Jujutsu Tech are each unique in their own way, with Nobara being one of the first students introduced to Yuji in the preliminary episodes of the anime produced by Studio MAPPA. Of the many sorcerers we've seen so far in the popular Shonen series, Nobara's powers are some of the most unique in that she brandishes a straw doll to administer punishment to her opponents using a hammer and nails, which is far different from Yuji's methodology of delivering haymakers across the board. Though Nobara doesn't have a curse king residing inside of her to amplify her power set, she definitely has proved herself time and time again.

Twitter User Izuku Shonen shared this inspirational line from one of the strongest sorcerers in the stable of Jujutsu Tech, as Nobara expresses her admiration of herself whether she is "pretty or all dressed up" or driving nails into her opponents on the battlefield:

While a Shonen protagonist sharing their body with a malevolent force has been nothing new in the world of anime, with series like Naruto and Bleach setting the stage for these unique relationships, the union between Yuji and Sukuna is perhaps far more sinister than anything we've seen before. Luckily for Yuji and the world, Nobara and her fellow aspiring sorcerers are at the ready should the king of curses, or the many supernatural threats that are plaguing the world, become too unstable to control.

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