K-Pop Star Goo Hara Dies at 28

Today, the K-pop fandom has gathered to mourn the loss of a beloved star. Earlier today, reports [...]

Today, the K-pop fandom has gathered to mourn the loss of a beloved star. Earlier today, reports from South Korea confirmed Goo Hara passed away at age 28.

According to initial reports, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station said Hara was found dead at her own home. They responded to a call in the Cheongdam neighborhood on November 24 in the evening where Hara was found.

Currently, a police investigation is underway, but no firm details have been released.

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(Photo: Getty Images / Photo by Han Myung-Gu / WireImage)

For those who do not know Hara, the star was a member of the girl group Kara. After leaving the group, Hara went on to continue activities, but she is not affiliated with any talent agencies in Korea. However, the Japanese agency Production Ogi did share a statement about Hara's passing.

"We are here to deliver tragic and unfortunate news. Family members and friends of Goo Hara are deeply shocked and anxious at the moment.

Therefore, we earnestly request that you refrain from writing speculative articles and spreading rumors. In addition, we ask the media and fans to refrain from making condolence calls.

We apologize for conveying this sudden news, and we are sorry once again for requesting that [the media and fans] refrain from making condolence calls."

At this time, fans have gathered to wish their condolences to Hara's loved ones. The singer was a favorite amongst fans for her cheerful personality and social media presence. In recent years, headlines followed Hara through difficult times as the singer filed a lawsuit against her former boyfriend Choi Jong-bum after he shared nude photographs of her without consent. Earlier this year, Hara did attempt to commit suicide before being rushed to the hospital. Now, fans are doing their best to honor the singer the best way they know how while they mourn her tragic loss.