Kacey Musgraves Praises Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli in New Interview

Kacey Musgraves is a great many things. While fans may know the artist for her award-winning career, those close to Musgraves know there is more to her than chart-topping songs. The singer has interests as varied as anyone else, and Musgraves recently opened up about one of her dearest loves in an interview.

After all, Hayao Miyazaki is about to be honored with an exhibit at the L.A. Academy Museum, and Musgraves needed to share her excitement over the event.

Recently, the Academy Award-winning artist sat down with V Magazine to talk about her love of Studio Ghibli. The singer, who has talked about her interest in anime before, told the magazine she was introduced to Miyazaki sometime during the early 1990s.

"I must have been around age eight or nine," Musgraves recalled. The singer's dad brought an English copy of My Neighbor Totoro home for the family to watch, and Musgraves said her sister and she became enraptured by the whimsical movie.

"My little sister and I were absolutely mystified by it and watched it over and over."

As the interview continued, Musgraves went on to share some of her favorite things about Miyazaki's work. Given his iconic status within the industry, the Studio Ghibli co-founder does something right with his work, but Musgraves' favorite piece comes in his pacing.

"One thing I love about Studio Ghibli movies is that they don't cater to young, small attention spans. The pacing of scenes and even the details and elements that the animators choose to include never hurriedly spell things out in the way that American animation does," the singer shared.

"10 artful, quiet minutes could go by where a scene or plot slowly unfolds. Other creators commonly get too worried about losing their viewers' interest and dumb things down. This is why I believe that Miyazaki's movies are classics and appeal to every age."


When it comes to her favorite Studio Ghibli movies, Musgraves admits she has a hard time choose, but My Neighbor Totoro remains a staple for her along with Ponyo. Fans are taking to social media to relate hard with the singer's lovely compliments, and they are excited to hear her own review of Studio Ghibli's next movie. Currently, Miyazaki is working on a new feature film titled How Do You Live which is expected to come out in the next few years.

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