SM Entertainment Creating Permanent Memorial For SHINee's Jonghyun

News of Kim Jonghyun’s death shocked the k-pop fandom last year, and many continue to grapple [...]

News of Kim Jonghyun's death shocked the k-pop fandom last year, and many continue to grapple with the loss even today. The shocking passing saw thousands gather in Seoul to pay their respects to the SHINee singer, and SM Entertainment plans to create a permanent memorial for the star.

According to on-site reports from SM COEX Artium in South Korea, SM Entertainment is creating a permanent memorial for Jonghyun (via Koreaboo). The Artium has been flooded with various tributes to the singer since his passing, but the location has had its memorial desecrated a number of times in the last month.

So, SM Entertainment wants to give fans a respectful place to honor the late idol.

"We sincerely thank you for visiting his memorial and paying tribute to the deceased in this cold weather," a new sign at the COEX Artium reads.

"We are preparing a separate permanent memorial location so fans can honor him and the long time that they had known him. We will announce the details as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration."

After Jonghyun passed away last year, the Atrium was inundated with fan letters, flowers, food offerings, and post-it note messages from fans. The location has seen a steady influx of tributes in the last month, but fans have grown concerned about the memorial as of late. In recent weeks, reports of the Atrium being desecrated by the homeless and passing pedestrians have become common. Mourners are upset that their tributes have been removed and their food offerings eaten. Fans were even forced to come together to clean up the Atrium's memorial when the desecration got out of hand.

There is no word on when SM Entertainment will open its permanent memorial, but fans are glad to see Jonghyun's memory being honored by his agency. The beloved singer and songwriter passed away in December 2017 after an apparent suicide attempt. Jonghyun was laid to rest in a private ceremony following a public wake, and his SHINee bandmates have since confirmed they will upkeep their concert schedules in Japan come April.

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