Kingdom Season 3 Shares Comeback Info Following Pandemic Delay

Kingdom is one of those series that anime has not been kind towards. While the manga is a hit overseas, the anime adaptation of Kingdom has been littered with issues. Its original two-season run was met with mixed reviews, but the hype was high for season three until it was delayed just a few episodes in. Now, a release window has gone live for its comeback, but it seems the show will not exit its hiatus for several months.

According to a new report from Japan, Kingdom season three will not resume airing until next spring. The 2021 comeback date will air the season from episode five and onward as Kingdom season three did release several episodes before COVID-19 production delays impacted the series.

Of course, this update is bittersweet news for fans. It is good to have a firm release window as that shows production has resumed in some way. However, fans did not expect Kingdom to take this long to resume airing. Spring 2021 is quite a way away, so fans have no choice but to settle into the hiatus.

Kingdom Season 3 Anime
(Photo: Pierrot Plus)

This break is rather upsetting to day-one fans of the Kingdom anime. The first season went live back in June 2012 before a second season wrapped in March 2014. Anime fans have waited more than six years for season three, and they will have to wait even longer to finish it. But when there is a global pandemic at play, there is no telling how or when production teams will be impacted... not even if they are working on a hit anime.


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