Kingdom Season 3 Drops New Key Visual

Kingdom's third season has had to deal with a lot during its run time, having to juggle its air [...]

Kingdom's third season has had to deal with a lot during its run time, having to juggle its air dates with the coronavirus pandemic and more recently, a typhoon that caused the latest episode to be delayed as a result of the "act of god,". However, season three has started up once again, with the anime series retelling Chinese history releasing a brand new key visual and trailer to help show fans of the series what is in store when it comes to the battle that sees the Qin Kingdom dealing with new problems as a part of the Alliance Arc.

Kingdom hasn't become nearly as popular in the West as it has been in the East, first debuting in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, another publication from Shueisha, the company behind Weekly Shonen Jump that houses manga series with the likes of Dragon Ball, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and countless others. Since arriving in 2004, the series has continued its run in the manga, with sixty-two volumes to its name at present and the series becoming popular enough to receive a live-action movie of its own in 2019, proving that there definitely is a market for this retelling of Chinese history.

The Official Twitter Account for Kingdom's anime shared the brand new key visual for the upcoming episodes of its third season, along with a brief trailer that gives anime fans an idea of where the hard-hitting battles are moving toward in the future of the series created by Yasuhisa Hara:

Kingdom's third season has planned to release twenty-six episodes, which is definitely good news for fans as there was quite the massive wait in between this current season and its predecessor.

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