Konosuba Cosplay Proves Why Aqua is a Goddess

One Konosuba: God's Blessing on the Wonderful World! cosplay is truly great at highlighting Aqua's [...]

One Konosuba: God's Blessing on the Wonderful World! cosplay is truly great at highlighting Aqua's goddess side! Kadokawa recently announced that they are planning to release upwards of 40 new anime projects a year, and while this sounds like a ton, Kadokawa is also the parent company behind some of the most successful Isekai anime releases of the last few years such as Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Natsume Akatsuki's original light novel series has since sparked two anime seasons and a feature film that fans have absolutely loved.

Part of the reason this franchise has been such a hit (and has sparked all kinds of other spin-offs since the anime's release) is due to the core quartet of wacky characters that don't really abide the same Isekai anime rules that fans (and main character Kazuma Sato) expect to see. This all begins with the hilarious (and apparently "useless") goddess at the center of the adventure, Aqua. Now Aqua's come to life once more through some godly level cosplay from artist @fraulein.milk on Instagram! Check it out below:

Although there has yet to be a third season announced for the series (or a potential second feature film) just yet, there's more opportunity than ever thanks to Kadokawa's new plan. It's already proved fruitful for Konosuba's fellow Isekai series seen in Isekai Quartet (which is also coming back for a third season), Overlord, as it's been recently announced to be getting not only a fourth season of the anime but a new feature film as well. So it's not like there's no hope for a proper Konosuba continuation.

The official light novel run of the series came to an end last year too, so if the anime ever does properly come back then Konosuba has quite a lot on the table to cover with a future adaptation. So if that's what the team decides to do, even for one final run, it would likely be a huge hit. But what do you think? Would you want to see Konosuba come back with a new anime season or movie? Which would you rather see more? Let us know your thoughts about Aqua and all things Konosuba in the comments!