K-Pop: Demon Hunters Is Looking to Hire Fans ASAP

Oh, it's happening. The best of anime and K-pop are about to come together. If you did not know, Sony Pictures Animation is developing a movie titled K-Pop: Demon Hunters, and the name says it all. The movie will follow a K-pop group as they tour the world all while slaying demons on the side, and it seems Sony wants to hire fans for the project ASAP.

Not long ago, a job posting was shared by Sony Pictures Imageworks regarding K-Pop: Demon Hunter. The page allows fans with all sorts of experiences and from every discipline to submit an interest form for the movie. And if you are lucky, Sony may come calling for your expertise on all things K-pop, animation, anime, and more!

"Sony Pictures Imageworks is thrilled to be partnering with Sony Pictures Animation on an exciting feature project, titled "K-Pop: Demon Hunters," a musical action adventure that follows the story of a world-renowned K-Pop girl group, as they balance their lives in the spotlight with their secret identities as bad-ass demon hunters, set against a colorful backdrop of fashion, food, style and the most popular music movement of this generation," the posting reads.

"Whether you are of Korean heritage, obsessed with K-POP music, love watching Korean Dramas, an Anime lover, or anyone desiring to work on a story that centers around a group of girls, and feel that you can make a meaningful contribution to this project, we want to hear from you!."

As you can imagine, this K-pop movie has drawn plenty of attention given its storyline. The music genre has become one of the biggest on Earth thanks to acts like BTS, Twice, BlackPink, and even newcomers like XG. South Korea's so-called Hallyu Wave has made it safely across the globe, and it helped directors Maggie Kang and Chris Appelhans sell this movie pitch. And of course, K-Pop: Demon Hunter will borrow from anime's renaissance as shows like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba are breaking records worldwide. You can expect some great anime tributes from K-Pop: Demon Hunter, and its concept art already alludes to popular titles like Inuyasha and Sailor Moon. 

Will you be submitting an application for the K-pop flick? Or do you want to watch the finished film when it goes live? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.