The Elusive Samurai Anime Main Voice Cast Revealed

Anime Japan 2023 was quite the event for the anime world. Earlier this month, the celebration of all things anime dropped news when it came to old favorites such as My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Demon Slayer to name a few. Now, a new anime adaptation is looking to take the world by storm in The Elusive Samurai. Announced for an upcoming series based on the manga from creator Yusei Matsui, the shonen franchise has revealed the main cast that will bring Tokiyuki to life.

Matsui might be best known for their work in creating Assassination Classroom, the wild tale that saw an alien entity take root in a school while demanding that his class try their best at ending his life. The Elusive Samurai manga from Yusei has run for over one hundred chapters so The Elusive Samurai anime will have plenty of material to choose from when it comes to following its protagonist and their uncanny ability to duck danger. The anime adaptation will be brought to life by CloverWorks, the studio that fans might know best for its work on the likes of The Promised Neverland and Spy x Family to name a few.

The Elusive Samurai's Cast

Hojo Tokiyuki is set to be played by Asaki Yukiawa, a newcomer to the voice-acting game. Joining her is Yuichi Nakamura, who will take on the role of Suwa Yorishige. Nakamura has quite a few anime roles in his resume, voicing roles for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Fullmetal Alchemist, Spy x Family, and Jujutsu Kaisen to name a few. The voice actor is also set to take on the role of Andy in the highly anticipated upcoming series, Undead Unluck.

If you haven't had the opportunity to dive into this shonen manga that lives up to its name, here's how Viz Media describes the series, "After the massacre of his family by the traitor Ashikaga Takauji, Tokiyuki flees with the help of a handful of loyal retainers who have also survived the purge. One of them is Suwa Yorishige, an ally of the Hojo clan and lord of Suwa Province. The slightly odd Yorishige also claims to be clairvoyant and foretells that Tokiyuki will one day become the ruler of Japan. But for the moment, escaping from enemy territory is the priority!"

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