Youtube Shares Its Most-Watched K-Pop Music Videos Of 2017

Youtube is a paradisal site for k-pop fans these days. The platform has become the go-to spot for fans to watch their favorite groups, and a ton of new music videos were released this year. Now, the company has announced its top-viewed MVs of 2017, and the list will take k-pop fans down memory lane.

According to Youtube Rewind, 2017 brought in hundreds of millions k-pop views. Bands like BLACKPINK and EXO slayed the charts with their up-beat comebacks. You can check out the top ten list of music videos below:

At number ten, Psy comes in on the list with his track “New Face.” The film hit Youtube seven months ago and has racked up 95 million views.

In the next place, “Ko Ko Bop” came in as one of EXO’s big picks. The music video just hit the 100-million view milestone. Number eight goes to Chanyeol as the EXO rapper branched off and released a soft OST. “Stay with Me” racked up 105 million views since it debuted a year ago.

As for number seven, BIGBANG went hard with “FXXK IT.” The banging track has garnered 123 million views so far. TWICE also jumped on the list as its music video for “Signal” got 128 million views.

The list’s fifth spot goes to BTS. The group nabbed the title with its sentimental music video for “Spring Day” as it currently has 132 million views. TWICE follows that video up with one of their own as “Knock Knock” went hard with 157 million views.

Youtube’s top-three spots go to absolute bangers in the k-pop realm. BTS’s “Not Today” and “DNA” went big with its views. The band raked in 168 million views for the former while its latter track has 195 million.


As for the top spot, it goes to one of k-pop’s upcoming girl groups. BLACKPINK did it big this year with “As If It’s Your Last” as the catchy track’s video has 198 million views.

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