Made in Abyss Season 2 Shocks Fans With Its Most Disturbing Episode Yet

Made in Abyss is back with its new season, and of course, the show's return is as dark as ever. Despite its cute visuals, the anime is one of the bleakest out there. Of course, season two wasn't about to fall short of expectations, and its episodes to date have been dark as promised. But this week, Made in Abyss toed over the line with its most disturbing episode to date.

Fans were not expecting what they found in episode seven of Made in Abyss season two, that's for sure. Not even those who read the manga were prepared. After all, "The Cradle of Desire" has some of the darkest scenes in the anime yet, and they are brought to life with some impeccable acting.

For those too squeamish to watch, episode seven checks on our travelers as they continue searching for the City of Gold. They descend towards the city level by level, but after being trapped along the way, the party is left sickened by the poisoned water. Their guide Irumyuui is impacted as well, leaving the sacrificed girl to stew in sickness while being cared for.

One by one, the entire Ganja fleet is poisoned by the water supply, and many die. Not even their leader Wuzkyan can stop their pitiful, painful deaths. However, hope appears when they discover an artifact called the Cradle of Desire. The item is said to grant the wish of anyone it resonates with, and Irumyuui's caretaker begs for the girl to take it in hopes of recovery. And while the item keeps the young girl from crying, it leads Irumyuui to a horrific end.

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After all, the young girl was sacrificed to the adventurers by her people, and they did so because of her infertility. You can see why Irumyuui would want a baby, and that is what the Cradle of Desire gives her. While sick, the small girl is forced to birth baby rats daily, and the mutated creatures die soon after. The bodies begin piling up, and with his troops desperate for food, Wazukyan begins to take them for food. It is then the leader discovers the mutated babies can heal his poisoned people, and he begins taking the young girl's babies daily to turn into broth and banquets.

So yeah, it is pretty messed up. Forced birth, infanticide, cannibalism, and graphic deaths are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this episode of Made in Abyss. Obviously, this anime requires viewer discretion, and no one will think less of you if this kind of content isn't your style. 

Are you keeping up with Made in Abyss season two? Where does this episode rank on your list of most disturbing...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.