Masters of the Universe: Revelation Reveals Release Date

It looks like Netflix and Mattel Television are ready to rush forward with its next animated [...]

It looks like Netflix and Mattel Television are ready to rush forward with its next animated series, and director Kevin Smith will be overseeing the project this time around! It was announced some time ago that Masters of the Universe: Revelation was being made as an original to the streaming site, and Smith has been teasing the series for a while now. And at last, fans have just learned when the show will be going live!

So, if you have a calendar handy, please grab it now! It seems Masters of the Universe will hit up Netflix on July 23!

This update comes shortly after Smith hit up fans on his podcast to talk about progress on the Netflix series. During a recent episode, the director told listeners he was able to watch the trailer for Masters of the Universe, and the entire sequence blew him away.

"But in other news, I saw the teaser trailer... which is f**king phenomenal. It's about a minute and a half. They found a piece of music that's just absolute [chef's kiss], especially with the material. It's wonderful. Like I know this f**king series in and out, and it made me go back and start watching it again. I was like 'Holy shit.' That Netflix marketing department, they know what the f**k they're doing. That's the trailer I saw. It's a great spot, so I can't say when you're going to see it, but if I'm seeing it now then it's coming fairly soon."

At this point, it isn't clear when Masters of the Universe will put out its first trailer, but fans are hoping the reel goes live soon. Smith's excitement over the clip has gotten fans of the franchise all abuzz. After all, Netflix has hit plenty of home runs with its original animated series to date. From She-Ra and the Princess of Power to Devilman Crybaby, Netflix has made some seriously good originals to date, and Masters of the Universe hopes to join the list.

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