Masters of the Universe: Kevin Smith Confirms the Netflix Series Continues From the Original Cartoon

Kevin Smith is currently the showrunner of a brand new Masters of the Universe: Revelation anime [...]

Kevin Smith is currently the showrunner of a brand new Masters of the Universe: Revelation anime series for Netflix, and recently confirmed in an interview with IMDb that this new series will indeed be serving as a sequel to the original. This bit of information was teased when the new He-Man anime series was first announced, but this should ease the minds of fans who hold the property close to their hearts. Because as Kevin Smith explained in a recent episode of IMDb's Movies That Changed My Life podcast, the first episode of the new series will essentially serve as a continuation of the classic cartoon series' slate.

As Smith explained, Netflix boss Ted Sarandos holds the Master of the Universe franchise close to his heart, and this pushed Smith and the team to honor the original series when producing the new sequel anime.

When talking about Sarandos' involvement with the new series, Smith revealed this statement he got from the Netflix boss, "I love Batman, I love Star Wars, but Masters of the Universe was always my number one. It means the world to me. When I was growing up, I thought it was real. I thought there were stakes, and I thought every episode Skeletor was gonna kill He-Man. He said, 'All I ask is that you treat that seriously. Treat it as seriously as I thought it was when I was watching."

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Smith goes on to clarify that Revelation will be directly tied into the original classic cartoon, "It's not like every other thing you knew about the characters is BS or whatever. We honor what went before. Our first episode is designed to feel like the next episode if they kept going in the classic run."

Smith previously opened up to about Master of the Universe: Revelation's tie to the original series, and noted how it was necessary to start off with this direct connection before diving into the sequel's darker world, "We begin where they ended, the same tone like that, and then our tone shifts as something cataclysmic happens. That's where our modern story kicks in. Even then, it's not like 'Everything you know about He-Man is wrong. We're gonna upend the universe." Everything you knew about He-Man you need to know in order to watch the show because we play thick and fast with mythology."

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