Kevin Smith Describes His Masters of the Universe Show as a Game of Thrones Version

Not only were He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fans taken by surprise when it was announced that a Masters of the Universe sequel anime was in the works for Netflix, but that it was going to be overseen by Kevin Smith. Speaking with's Chris Killian in the latest edition of Talking Shop, Smith opened up about how Masters of the Universe: Revelation was coming along. Not only did he confirm that work on the series is still continuing on despite the impact of the novel coronavirus, but mentioned how this new series like their own "Game of Thrones" take on the franchise.

In the interview, Smith explained how Ted Sarandos at Netflix urged Smith and the Revelation team to treat the property seriously, and to treat it with the high stakes that Sarandos and many children thought the original series had, "That was part of the thrill of being able to do this job. Being handed a world full of IP like Mattel's Masters of the Universe line and then being able to go hog wild, and telling a grown up story. I don't mean a grown up story like this ain't for kids..."

This eventually led the team to basically play around the mythos and deliver their own "Game of Thrones version," He gave us license to create a Game of Thrones version of Masters of the Universe minus the nudity and dragons." As Smith broke down further, Game of Thrones helped get fantasy into the doors of many homes that were dismissive before:

"That was set in a world of swords and sorcery which, prior to Game of Thrones, people outside the genre would be dismissive of. Then it became one of the biggest shows on TV where people who never picked up a fantasy book or went to a Comic-Con in their lives would sit down and watch this magic dragon show."

This also went into the writing process as well as Smith noted how the writing team and the other staff involved helped it to make one of his most fulfilling work experiences yet as they were focused on building an entire world around the Masters of the Universe. Now with the sequel anime series in the works for a release next year, things are shaping well by the sounds of things!


Are you excited for Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe anime sequel? What are you hoping to see from Masters of the Universe: Revelation when it finally debuts on Netflix? Which lessons from Game of Thrones are you hoping were learned for this new series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!