Masters Of The Universe Crowns Orko As Its MVP

Masters of the Universe: Revelation hit the streaming service of Netflix earlier this week, with [...]

Masters of the Universe: Revelation hit the streaming service of Netflix earlier this week, with fans being split down the middle when it comes to the news story in the world of Eternia, thanks in part to the seismic shift that takes place in the opening episode. With the series taking the opportunity to focus on the supporting characters more so than some of its biggest hitters, one character specifically was able to stand out from the rest in getting a good amount of screen time and some major character developments in Orko.

Warning. If you have yet to watch Masters of the Universe: Revelation, be forewarned that we'll be diving into spoiler territory to break down why Orko earned the rank of MVP in this new animated series by Kevin Smith.

In the first episode of this soft reboot, we witness both He-Man and Skeletor seemingly dying as Prince Adam attempted to save the universe by harnessing the uncontrollable magic that was unleashed by the "lord of destruction," With both the main hero and villain gone, Eternia becomes a very different place, attempting to harness the little magic that is left and a new cult led by Triclops attempting to spread the word of technology in some terrifying ways. With Teela taking the reins and attempting to reforge the Sword of Power by visiting "heaven and hell," she comes across Orko who is shacking up with Man At Arms.

Masters of the Universe Orko
(Photo: Powerhouse Animation)

The pint-sized sorcerer has always been the comic relief in the series, usually unable to weave a spell to save his life, which is shown perfectly in the first episode as he nearly kills Cringer by erecting a bubble that cuts off his air supply. With magic now being lost, we get to learn more about Orko's character, the origin of his name, and he forms a surprising bond with Evil-Lynn as they venture to change the world for the better.

As we learn more about Orko, the sorcerer truly shines in his final moments in the first part of Revelation, facing down Scare Glow as he sacrifices himself to save his friends from the glow-in-the-dark skeleton's nefarious magic. Orko's character development and heroism in the first season definitely helped to propel the character to a new level, and to us, it definitely has him earning the spot of "most valuable player," for the new series.

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