Kevin Smith Teases Masters of the Universe: Revelation Story Trailer, Debunks False Rumors

Kevin Smith is teasing a story trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revelation and debunked some [...]

Kevin Smith is teasing a story trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revelation and debunked some false rumors that had been swirling around about the upcoming animated series. Netflix recently revealed a number of new teasers and visuals for their upcoming projects during Geeked Week earlier this month, and with it also debuted the very first teaser trailer for the new sequel series to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. But apparently there's still another major trailer on the way that, according to showrunner Kevin Smith, will clear up any confusion fans of the classic series might have.

As Smith teased during the newest episode of the Fatman Beyond podcast, Masters of the Universe: Revelation still has a story trailer on the way that will definitely get fans excited, If you liked that teaser at all, wait until you see the story trailer." Smith began "This has been a very difficult show to talk about without spoiling things, which allows for a lot of interpretation in the world. The teaser trailer just dropped. I have seen the story trailer, which will come closer to the actual release of the show."

Masters of the Universe Revelation He-Man Netflix Kevin Smith
(Photo: Mattel Television / Netflix)

Elaborating on this further, Smith teased how this story trailer would be the one to really get attention, "Once you see the story trailer kids, everything will make absolute sense. Anyone going like 'I heard it's this,' you're going to go, 'Oh, I see.' I can't say that everyone will love it because some people are dug in, and feel what they feel, but I love the story trailer because there's a line the trailer, that comes straight out of the show, that like literally puts it all on front street where you go, 'Oh.'"

As far as some of the thing fans have been saying about the upcoming series, Smith revealed that he wants to address some of the rumors but is limited, "I can only go so far, and I can't say some things that would dispel a lot of chatter because I'm not allowed...When they're my toys, when I'm making Clarks 3, you'll hear all about it kids...but since I'm working for Mattel and Netflix I'm not as free to divulge all the details of the things I'm working on." But he did address some of the big questions fans had.

One major rumor was that He-Man would be taking a backseat to Teela and her girlfriend, but Smith debunked that this is not the case. Noting that while the series gives Teela a major series, the show itself is "all about He-Man." But at the end of day, Smith made sure to reiterate that he's just excited for fans of the original and new fans to check out Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation debuts July 23rd on Netflix, but what do you think? Are you excited to see how Masters of the Universe: Revelation picks up from the first series? What are you hoping to see later this Summer on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!