Masters of the Universe's Kevin Smith Hypes Episode 2 in New Teaser

There is less than a month separating Masters of the Universe from its big Netflix revival. If you were not aware, the series is stepping out with an anime sequel that is being overseen by Kevin Smith. As you can imagine, the director-come-geek icon is eager for fans to check out his project, and Smith just dropped a teaser about its second episode.

The whole thing went down on Twitter after a fan shared a photo of a Masters of the Universe: Revelation toy. They spotted a figure from the series in the wild, and Smith couldn't help but hint at an upcoming moment with Cringer.

"Wait until you hear Cringer's big monologue in Episode 2 of [Masters of the Universe] Revelation! Stephen Root's performance will rip your heart out and then [Bear McCreary's] score will musically mend it back in place! One month from today, the Power returns! July 23rd - only on Netflix," Smith tweeted.

As you can see above, the Masters of the Universe toy spotted on shelves is none other than a Battle Cat, so you can see why Cringer came up. After all, the cat happens to Prince Adam's best friend and most loyal supporter. In the original cartoon, Cringer and Battle Cat were one and the same, and Adam's ally was fleshed out with a whole backstory before long. In fact, Cringer is surprised to learn his alter ego is such a fierce warrior given how cowardly he acts on the daily, but Cringer is fine to fight if it means helping his master. So if you have missed the cuddly yet cutthroat cat, Smith wants you to pay close attention to episode two of Masters of the Universe: Revelation.


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