'Mob Psycho 100' Play Reveals Live-Action Visuals

Mob Psycho 100 fans may be highly anticipating the second season of the anime series, which is [...]

Mob Psycho 100 fans may be highly anticipating the second season of the anime series, which is coming early next year, but the series will soon be getting a major sequel to its popular stage play in Japan.

To celebrate its upcoming premiere in September, the official Twitter account for the Mob Psycho 100 stage play released a new poster for the second stage play featuring many of the characters fans can expect to see.

The second Mob Psycho 100 stage play will run at The Galaxy Theatre in Tokyo from September 13-17 and at Shinkobe Oriental Theater in Hyogo from September 20-23 in Japan. The first play was received well, and it's no mystery as to why given how closely the actors represent the series' characters.

Keita Kawajiri returns from the first play to write and direct the second, along with returning cast members: Setsuo Ito as 'Mob' Kageyama, Takeshi Nadagi as Dimple, Gaku Matsumoto as Ritsu Kageyama, Yuta Hoshino as Hikaru Tokugawa, Miyu Suenaga as Ichi Mezato, Ryoma Baba as Arataka Reigen, and Marina Inoue will be reprising her role as Tome Kurata in a special video appearance.

New cast members for the second play include Yuichiro Hirata as Shinji Kamuro, Takuya Kawaharada as Teruki Hanazawa, Shoichiro Oomi replacing Yuya Kido as Tenga Onigawara, Kentaro Kanesaki replacing Naoya Gomoto as Musashi Goda, Seiichiro Nagata as Sho, Yuki Kamisato as Sakurai, and Kazunari as Koyama.

The first stage play was directed by Keita Kawajiri and ran in the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo earlier this year from January 6 to January 14. It featured pretty close representations of the series in real life as well as starring Mob's voice actor from the anime series, Setsuo Ito, as the lead.

Originally created by ONE, webcomic artist best-known for creating One Punch Man, for Ura Sunday magazine in 2012, Mob Psycho 100 tells the story of Seigeo Kageyama, an eighth grader with Esper ability. The psychic tries his best to not stand out, but his powers often rope him into increasingly dangerous situations. Kageyama's powers grow more powerful as the years pass, so he buckles down his emotions to keep a lid on his powers. However, as more threats continue to pursue Kageyama, the boy learns how difficult it is to keep his emotions under lock - but the fate of the world depends on him keeping a straight face.