Mob Psycho 100: The Series Finale Explained

After six years on the air, the reign of Mob Psycho 100 has closed. This week saw the anime close shop as Studio Bones ended season three. The show's most recent episode brought the shonen to its end, and of course, fans from across the globe are mourning the loss. But for others? Well, they are just curious to know what all goes down in the finale.

You see, that is why is here. If you need the lowdown on how Mob Psycho 100 ends, we have your back. After all, the series finale is one of the most emotional shonen has done in some years, and it has a lot to unpack.

How Things Went Down

To kick things off, the episode begins as Shigeo (or Mob as we know him) fights against his inner mind. The boy is faced with ???%, a mirror of himself in his consciousness that holds back his power. After learning his childhood crush is moving, Mob is thrust into a tailspin that allows ???% to wreak havoc on the outside world all while our hero fights to regain control of himself.

The series finale of Mob Psycho 100 takes that fight to the next level, but our hero isn't left by himself for long. Reigen shows up and fights tooth and nail to reach Mob despite his lack of psychic power. In fact, Reigen goes so far as to admit all his lies to Mob in the hopes it would help the boy resurface. With help from a newly returned Dimple, Reigen is able to tell Mob he should accept both sides of himself – his normal self and esper self. The two halves make the perfect whole, and with this advice, Mob is able to take back his body.

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We learn Mob gave control to his inner-self as ???% was scared of confessing to Tsubomi. Ultimately, our guy ends up meeting her in a park and confesses, but she does reject his feelings with care. When Mob returns to Reigen, we see the boy finally express his full emotions as he breaks into tears, but Mob has Reigen there to help him.

In the finale's last moments, the anime tackles the manga's epilogue that takes place six months after ???% came around. Mob has become the Body Improvement Club's vice president, and Kurata Tome is now working with Reigen. The last time we see our heroes is at a surprise party as the whole gang throws Reigen a surprise birthday bash. Compared to his party back in season one, this get-together shows just how far all our favorites have come. And if that is not enough to make you emotional, what is?

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