My Adventures with Superman Execs Address Future Batman Cameo (Exclusive)

My Adventures with Superman's creative team casts doubt on a future Batman appearance!

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 is almost here, and the creative team behind the series have shot down the idea of Batman joining the series any time soon! My Adventures with Superman introduced fans to new anime inspired takes on Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen as the trio got started with their respective careers at the Daily Planet. But all the while, Clark himself was also starting to get his footing on becoming Superman. Though he's only getting started, the rest of the DC Comics universe around him teased all sorts of potential future appearances throughout the first season. 

One of the more curious teases within My Adventures with Superman was not only many more of the potential rogues within Superman's own mythos, but other rogues and heroes from the wider DC Universe as well. With the first season name dropping Gotham and even including an appearance from a new take on Vicki Vale, ComicBook had to ask My Adventures with Superman Co-Producer Josie Campbell, and Co-Executive Producers Jake Wyatt and Brendan Clogher, ahead of Season 2 about whether or not Batman could possibly show up in the future. They hilariously shot down the idea. 

(Photo: Adult Swim / Warner Bros. Discovery)

On Batman in My Adventures with Superman: "That's One for Prayer"

When asked whether or not it would be possible to see Batman appear in My Adventures with Superman, Co-Executive Producer Jake Wyatt summed up the potential as such, "That's one for prayer. You should take that to your gods. We don't have any control over that, but if you would like to see that happen, you need to supplicate a higher would be great if you can make that happen for us."

While it's a hilarious answer that debunks a potential Batman appearance in the animated series, it's also hilariously not out of the realm of possibility for My Adventures with Superman's future. As it seems right now, it's not up to the creative team behind it all whether or not they could fully incorporate Batman. At least for now, there's plenty to explore without even introducing Batman to it and thus could make for a fun surprise in later seasons if it ever does happen. 

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 premieres on Adult Swim this Saturday, May 25th at midnight with its first two episodes, and then will be available for streaming with Max the next day.