My Adventures with Superman Cast Would Love to Return for Season 3 (Exclusive)

The main trio behind My Adventures with Superman hopes to be a part of the series "forever"!

My Adventures with Superman is on the way back for Season 2 later this week with Adult Swim, and the cast behind it all is also hoping to come back for Season 3 and beyond! My Adventures with Superman was a major hit with Adult Swim with the first season that premiered last year, so fans have been anxiously waiting to see what would be coming next in the new season. It was no surprise to find out that Season 2 was already in the works following the first, but there's still no word on a potential third season to come. 

With My Adventures with Superman introducing new takes on the Superman lore, there's all kinds of potential for future stories and seasons. It's why when ComicBook got the chance to speak with My Adventures with Superman stars Jack Quaid (Clark Kent), Alice Lee (Lois Lane) and Ishmel Sahid (Jimmy Olsen) ahead of Season 2's premiere, we just had to ask if the cast was interested in exploring more stories with a potential third season. Clark Kent voice star Jack Quaid responded with "Absolutely" before noting that he "could go [on] forever. It's amazing." 

(Photo: Adult Swim)

My Adventures with Superman's Cast Could Go On Forever

"...I don't think you're going to find one of us that's like, 'No, no way.' No. I mean, we're so lucky that we get to play these characters, these characters that have been around for generations," Quaid began. "And I love how our show puts this unique spin on the whole thing. Everyone knows the myth, but then our show occasionally will turn things on its head. I love this universe that Jake [Wyatt] and Brendan [Clogher] and Josie [Campbell] and everyone have created, and I just want to keep playing around in it forever. Honestly, I could go forever. It's amazing."

Lois Lane star Alice Lee then joked that they could on until they were "Grandma and grandpas." To which then Quaid revealed a joke that the cast has among themselves, "We like to call the show 'Lois, Clark, Jimmy, No!' because that's what most of us say the most in the recording. Our lines are either the word 'No' or some variation of like 'Lois, No!', 'Jimmy, No!,' 'Clark, No!' So I can do 'Lois, Clark, Jimmy, No!' for the rest of the time. Let's do it."

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 premieres on Adult Swim with its first two episodes on Saturday, May 25th at midnight.