My Hero Academia: Bakugo's Voice Actor Is Recovering Following Recent Surgery

My Hero Academia wrapped up its fourth season not too long ago, and work has already started. The [...]

My Hero Academia wrapped up its fourth season not too long ago, and work has already started. The show tends to be on a tight schedule as fans are eagerly awaiting its return, but production schedules to change a bit. Such a thing took place when the voice actor of Bakugo needed surgery on his vocal cords, and it turns out the star is recovering after undergoing the procedure.

The news comes from Nobuhiko Okamoto himself. The actor took to his personal blog to update fans on how he's doing. It was there the actor confirmed he underwent surgery on June 1 for his vocal cords, and he is recovering from the successful procedure at home.

According to Okamoto, he will be on hiatus until he has fully recovered. Fans are not sure how his break will fit into My Hero Academia's schedule, but they are simply glad to hear the actor has been treated. Bakugo is a very angry character who is more likely to yell than breathe if given the option. There is no doubt such a role took a toll on Okamoto, so fans are glad to see the actor taking care of himself and Bakugo in a strange way.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Bakugo

With the surgery done, Okamoto says he wants to get back to work as soon as possible. His return to work will be dictated by his doctors, so we are wishing the actor a speedy recovery. Between his work on My Hero Academia and Tower of God, it is no surprise to hear Okamoto's wish to work ASAP. He has some of the best roles in the industry, so it is hard to blame the guy, you know?

As for the rest of the My Hero Academia team, things appear to be on track for the anime despite delays related to COVID-19. A slew of series were put on the back burner when the pandemic arose, and My Hero Academia was unable to record for season five. It seems that has now changed as studios have adopted new social distancing measures, so here's to hoping season five goes down without a hitch.

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