My Hero Academia Cosplay Gives Us A Bloody All Might And Endeavor

My Hero Academia spent the fourth season of the anime not only following Deku and the students of [...]

My Hero Academia spent the fourth season of the anime not only following Deku and the students of Class 1-A, but also following Endeavor and his struggle with becoming the new number one hero and two cosplayers have perfectly brought to life the man aspiring to become the Symbol of Peace and the man who once held this title in All Might. With the cosplay itself showing the pair clearly after a vicious battle, covered in blood, it's definitely a gruesome image but definitely goes a long way into showing you how serious the battles of My Hero Academia can become!

In the final episodes of the fourth season, Endeavor was made the new number one hero, struggling not so much with the title, but rather, attempting to figure out how best to become the Symbol of Peace that All Might was. Endeavor may have the power to enforce his brand of heroics across the world, but he never quite had the connection with the public that All Might had throughout his career. Consistently viewing the former Symbol of Peace as his rival, the tables have turned and the flame faced hero is doing everything he can to live up to the legacy that was left by his "frenemy".

Instagram User Viiilicious shared this impressive duo of cosplayers that helped bring the two top heroes to life from the My Hero Academia series, with All Might appearing in his battered, and much weaker, state:

In the manga for My Hero Academia, Endeavor has been placed in a terrifying scenario where readers aren't sure if he's going to make it to the end of the latest story line alive. Though All Might still barely has a grasp on what used to be his enormous power, the current number one hero might definitely need his help before the Paranormal Liberation War comes to an end.

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