My Hero Academia Cosplay Blinds Us With Flashy Todoroki

One of the biggest fan favorite characters in My Hero Academia is easily the son of Endeavor, [...]

One of the biggest fan favorite characters in My Hero Academia is easily the son of Endeavor, Shoto Todoroki, who has the ability to manipulate both ice and fire, and one fan has given us a cosplay that is so flashy that the interpretation of the UA Academy student is blinding! With the aspiring hero doing his best to live outside of his father's shadow and protect civilians from threats in the form of super villains and natural disasters, it's easy to see why the hot and cold hero has become so popular from the anime franchise.

The fourth season of My Hero Academia gave us Todoroki finally gaining his provisional hero's license after a number of weekend classes that he had to go to following his initial failure. Joining his classmate Bakugo, the two were given the task of corralling a number of younger students that had uncontrollable and insanely powerful Quirks. Eventually, the two combined forces and managed to win the day. In the manga, Todoroki is joining his classmates in a dire situation where they are attempting to stop the villains known as the Paranormal Liberation Front from taking over the world with an insanely powerful Shigaraki at the helm.

Instagram Cosplayer Dewo_3 shared this insanely impressive Shoto Todoroki Cosplay from the My Hero Academia anime, bringing to life the aspiring hero who has the ability to unleash red hot flames and chilling ice blasts, making him for one of the bigger favorites of the series:

Todoroki has spent the previous chapter of the manga, prior to the break out of the massive villain war, training with both his father as well as Midoriya and Bakugo in a bid to further learn how to master his insanely powerful Quirk. Though for a time Shoto was unwilling to use the fire powers at his disposal as he wanted nothing to do with his father, that problem no longer exists as a battle with Deku allowed him to vault over his intense hatred and become the hero he could be.

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