My Hero Academia Drops Dark Star Wars Nod and Order 66

Over the years, My Hero Academia has changed quite a bit, but there are some things you can always find in its pages. Bakugo is going to be angry, and of course, Aizawa is never far from his sleeping bag. As for its creator, well – Kohei Horikoshi is never going to pass up the chance to drop a Star Wars nod, and he reminded fans of that this week with a rather dark reference. 

If you are caught up with the manga, you will know what we're talking about as chapter 370 spells it out pretty quickly. The update checks on our heroes as they continue to protect a hospital and the captive Kurogiri from a horde of mutant rioters. Led by Spinner, more than 10,000 mutants have come out in support of All For One given the prejudice they face. And while airing out their grievances, fans learn mutants were treated like the Jedi were when the Galactic Empire came to power.

What Star Wars Nods Did We Miss?

Chapter 370 breaks the situation down quickly as a mutant rioter reminds their brethren of the racism they face. The man speaks about the "6/6 Incident" as well as the Great Jeda Purge. These events all led to the death of mutants, and if their names sound familiar, that is because they are.

If you will recall, Star Wars had its infamous Order 66 which called for Empire allies to exterminate the Jedi. From Stormtroopers to Anakin Skywalker, Order 66 was a massacre, and it seems the 6/6 Incident was as well. Of course, the Great Jeda Purge plays off Star Wars' Great Jedi Purge. The names are too similar to be a coincidence, and Jeda has its own place in the Star Wars Universe. After all, the Planet Jedha was a revered one in the Republic, and it acted as the spiritual home for the Jedi Order. So when Jedha was purged, well – you get the picture.

Clearly, Horikoshi is back at it with his Star Wars nods, and there are plenty in My Hero Academia to note. From Gran Torino's Yoda design to its Sith references, Horikoshi has proven himself to be a diehard fanboy. And if we get more nods in the final act of My Hero Academia, don't be surprised. 

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