My Hero Academia Offers Dark First Look At My Villain Academia Arc

My Hero Academia is shaking things up with its latest anime episode, shocking readers of the manga [...]

My Hero Academia is shaking things up with its latest anime episode, shocking readers of the manga by switching the presentation of the next two arcs in Season Five, and while My Villain Academia won't be arriving as soon as fans might have hoped, episode 101 gives us an insane look into the dark arc with a look at a battered Shigaraki. With Season Four focusing on villains like Overhaul and Gentle Criminal, the League of Villains has been lying in wait and will now find themselves squaring off against a major threat in the Meta Liberation Army.

The beginning of the episode features a quick look into an event that we have yet to see in the fifth season, with Shigaraki emerging from what looks to be a fallen building, laughing maniacally as the right-hand man to All For One is covered in blood. While manga fans definitely know the score, it's clear that Shigaraki just went through a rigorous battle, to say the least, and proves that My Villain Academia is sure to shock a number of fans with its dark subject matter. With the Endeavor Agency Arc now beginning ahead of the story focused on Shigaraki and his gang, we're looking forward to seeing what other surprises are in store for viewers.

My Hero Academia Shigaraki
(Photo: Studio Bones)

The episode itself wasn't all bleak, however, with Class 1-A adorably able to celebrate the Holidays with a montage that definitely will shock the audience. On top of this, Midoriya and Bakugo were struggling with which hero agency they should join for a new work-study, receiving a last-minute save from Todoroki, offering the option of joining him in a work-study with his father, the number one hero Endeavor. With the preview giving us a first look at a new villain the trio will be facing, the re-arrangement of Arcs definitely will throw fans for a loop.

The last time we were able to see Shigaraki in the series was when he was able to exact his revenge on Overhaul, the leader of the Mafia who attempted to take control of the League of Villains. Decaying both Overhaul's arms in the dust, it seems like Shigaraki's dark quest is only just beginning.

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