My Hero Academia Star Reveals the Challenges of Voicing Hawks

My Hero Academia fans know a thing or two about favorites, and they aren't afraid to admit it. [...]

My Hero Academia fans know a thing or two about favorites, and they aren't afraid to admit it. With so many pro heroes on its roster, the fandom has embraced certain leads as favorites while others have been set aside for the second string. Hawks has been in the top-tier list since he first showed up in the anime, and his popularity has only grown since. And as it turns out, the hero's voice actor is keenly aware of the pressure on him to perform.

Recently, Yuichi Nakamura opened up about his take on Hawks in an interview. It was there the actor said the hero's facade gives him an interesting challenge, but some parts of Hawks are more troublesome than others.

My Hero Academia Hawks
(Photo: Studio Bones)

"The first time I spoke as Hawks was during the [second] My Hero Academia movie. He was a pretty hard character to act as because in the original manga he's someone that didn't show his real intention, so I had to imagine that while acting," he said.

Continuing, Nakamura said he also struggled to balance the manga's take on Hawks with how the anime approached him. "In the anime version, Hawks seemed to be more fired up compared to the one depicted in the manga. So I acted while being fully aware of that gap to make sure the anime Hawks still seemed natural."

Clearly, Nakamura's take on Hawks satisfied fans. The character made a stellar debut on the big screen, and his role in season four further cemented his status as a favorite. Luckily, the anime has even more room to explore Hawks moving forward, and Nakamura will get to work through even more challenges with the star as My Hero Academia continues.

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