My Hero Academia Dominated Graphic Novel Sales in 2020

In the world of graphic novels, many North American fans of the medium will jump to the creations [...]

In the world of graphic novels, many North American fans of the medium will jump to the creations of Marvel and DC Comics when they think about the highest sellers, but it might surprise you to learn that not only did My Hero Academia beat the likes of Batman, The Justice League, Spider-Man, and The Avengers, with the franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi even managing to stop them from hitting the top ten! With the series readying the arrival of its fifth season this spring, fans are looking to catch up on the latest stories of the manga or start reading the adventures of the students of UA Academy for the first time!

Currently, in the manga, the heart-wrenching battle of the War Arc has come to a close, with the heroes licking their wounds following their fight against Shigaraki and his insanely large band of villains from the Paranormal Liberation Front. Though the heroes did win the battle, it was a hollow victory considering the number of casualties that they suffered and the villains have not missed a beat, as a certain prison break began immediately following the conclusion of the bloody war.

In a breakdown of the top highest selling graphic novels of 2020, My Hero Academia took seven of the spots, with Demon Slayer and Junji Ito's creepy Uzumaki manga filling in the rest of the slots, proving that manga has dominated the listings when it comes to overall sales around the world:

1. My Hero Academia vol. 1
2. My Hero Academia vol. 2
3. Demon Slayer vol. 1
4. My Hero Academia vol. 24
5. My Hero Academia vol. 3
6. My Hero Academia vol. 23
7. Uzumaki hardcover
8. My Hero Academia vol. 4
9. Demon Slayer vol. 2
10. My Hero Academia vol. 5

My Hero Academia's manga first arrived in 2014, and the Shonen series has wasted little time in rising up the ladder among the popular series that were introduced in Weekly Shonen Jump! Though Demon Slayer appears to be at the top of the mountain in terms of overall manga sales, the adventures of Midoriya and his fellow students in Class 1-A are attempting to place themselves at the top of the food chain!

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