My Hero Academia: Izuku Joins Into the Spider-Verse with This Wild Crossover

2022 is going to be a big year for both manga and North American comic book properties alike, with the former set to release the sixth season of My Hero Academia and the latter looking to dive into the Spider-Verse once again. With Midoriya and Miles Morales being the stars of these respective stories, one fan artist has smashed them together to create a wild new superhero that takes the best elements of these crime fighters from Marvel and Shonen Jump.

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Part One is set to arrive later this year, which will not only bring back Miles Morales but also Spider-Gwen, along with the Spider-Man of 2099 who will be taking a much more prominent role in this sequel. While details about the sequel's story are still few and far between at this point, the original reception by fans was more than enough to warrant new films in this universe, and viewers are left wondering which new Spider-Men and Women will make appearances. One of the new Spider-People that are set to appear is Jessica Drew, Marvel's first Spider-Woman, who will be played by Issa Rae of Insecure fame. 

Twitter Artist Noodles_And_Tea took the opportunity to imagine a new Spider-Suit that blends together Miles Morales' look with that of UA Academy's star student Deku, who is attempting to save the world of Hero Society while also holding onto the power of the Quirk known as One For All:

Marvel and My Hero Academia have had an official crossover in the past, with Deadpool's first manga series, Deadpool: Samurai, seeing the Merc With A Mouth get a hand against the Mad Titan Thanos from All Might. Helping the Merc With A Mouth prevail, one of Kohei Horikoshi's biggest heroes laid the groundwork for future crossovers between Marvel and Weekly Shonen Jump, and we're crossing our fingers that one day, one of the wall crawlers will find themselves arriving in the universe of UA Academy. 

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