My Hero Academia Cosplay Dives Into Dark Deku

My Hero Academia is set to dive into the Paranormal Liberation War arc for its sixth season, with Studio BONES returning to document the conflict that will pit the heroes against the forces of Shigaraki. With the after-effects of the War Arc changing the landscape of Hero Society, Deku is also to see a major change within the anime, as one cosplayer helps bring Deku's dark new aesthetic into the real world before it makes its small screen debut.     

My Hero Academia has yet to confirm if this new terrifying look for Deku will actually be appearing in the sixth season of the anime adaptation, as Midoriya mostly operates within this outfit following the conclusion of the War Arc. Deku himself was always a powerhouse, but the young hero of Class 1-A truly hits a new level while wearing this new get-up, forming a bond with the previous users of One For All that not only grants him their expertise but a far better grasp on the numerous Quirks that are bouncing around his body. 

Twitter Cosplayer Kaleb Luna shared this brand new take on Deku at his darkest, sporting an outfit that makes him look like anything but the young crime fighter that we came to know over the years in the pages of My Hero Academia:

Horikoshi himself has been fairly adamant that My Hero Academia will truly end with its Final Arc in the manga, even going so far as to state that he would love to try his hand on a horror manga in the future. In the latest chapters of the Shonen manga, we've witnessed some of the biggest fights of Class 1-A and the professional heroes of the world, and the question remains of which heroes and villains will actually manage to survive the events of this last battle. 

At this year's Anime Expo, My Hero Academia is set to air its two new OVA specials, with the installments set to stream to the world later this year online. 

What do you think of Deku's dark vigilante look? Do you think we'll see the outfit animated in the upcoming sixth season of the anime adaptation? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.