My Hero Academia Art Reimagines All Might's Skinny Form

My Hero Academia has put a lot of focus on Izuku's journey with One For All, but he is far from [...]

My Hero Academia has put a lot of focus on Izuku's journey with One For All, but he is far from the first to wield its power. The most influential person to ever use the quirk is All Might, and the Symbol of Peace is still a major part of the series. Of course, the man is helping save the world from afar these days after losing his power, and one fan felt it was time to reimagine his normal form.

If you watch the series, then you know All Might is living life in his non-quirk state, and that means he is rather frail these days. Though he was hearty as a young man, All Might is emaciated as an adult, and he has massive shadows covering his eyes. His sharp features make make All Might's health issues obvious for all to see, so the artist EUOS_the_cat nursed All Might to health with a makeover.

As you can see above, the My Hero Academia artwork doesn't make All Might any bulkier, but it does fatten up his sunken features. His cheeks are not quite as sallow, and his hooded eyes aren't pitch black. Instead, All Might's wide eyes can be seen, and he is even given eyebrows. From an anatomical point of view, this rendition is spot-on for All Might, and it still portrays the hero as being a bit too lean.

You might have guessed as much, but this makeover has caused a small debate with netizens. There are some who appreciate this new take from an artistic point of view, and others like it because it aligns with All Might's pre-quirk and mid-quirk forms. However, there are some who argue Kohei Horikoshi's design is purposefully over the top. The argument suggests All Might is given exaggerated features to show how tough pro hero work is, and his ability to work while visibly disabled provides some much-needed representation for readers.

All Might's design might not be a hot issue for you, but makeovers like this show how protective the My Hero Academia fandom can be of the hero. And in the end, it is up to you to decide whether or not his delicate design suits the pro.

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