My Hero Academia Debuts New Stills of Episode 106

My Hero Academia is making its way through season five, and the show is just about its end its [...]

My Hero Academia is making its way through season five, and the show is just about its end its most recent arc. Following a class-on-class training exercise, the anime has kept up with Izuku as the boy explores a new pro hero internship. He has found himself working with Endeavor this time around, and now, it seems like things are about to pop off in episode 106.

The upcoming episode, which is slated to go live this weekend, will follow Izuku as he and his two internship buddies face down a new threat. Bakugo and Todoroki will work with Izuku following a villain's ambush, but new stills from My Hero Academia episode 106 show there are big stakes to this battle.

As you can see below, one of the stills shows the villain dressed in a black-and-white uniform as tendrils whip around him. It seems the baddie was able to catch Natsu in his grip, and the Todoroki sibling looks freaked out by the hostage ordeal. There is no telling whether Natsu has been in danger like this before given his father's status, but he doesn't seem calm by any means here.

Endeavor and Todoroki are clearly roused by Natsu's situation, so you can guess how the two will act in battle. Luckily, Izuku and Bakugo will be there to help keep the battle in line. Natsu's life is the one in most danger, and the Todoroki family cannot afford to lose another son.

After all, season five did reveal the Todoroki sibling we've only heard about up until now. A tense dinner at the Todoroki house led Endeavor to show the memorial he made for Toya, his late son. The boy's death has not been explained as of now, but his absence is yet another sin marked against Endeavor so far as Natsu is concerned. And if the hero cannot save this son, well - let's not even imagine the damage that will do.

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